We can offer you the skills and information to take full control of your coffee journey. Understand coffee from farm to cup and how to get the best from your coffee, grinder and machine. 

We offer three levels of training: Introduction to Barista Skills, Barista Core Skills and Professional Barista


A step by step guide to get you started on your coffee journey. We show you the key principles in how to pull the perfect shot, steam milk for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites and how to care for and maintain your machine and grinder.

This course introduces you to the essential foundations of: 

  • How to use a grinder
  • Pulling the perfect shot
  • Milk steaming and drinks pouring
  • Cleaning and Equipment Care

Total 1.5 hours. Maximum 6 people. £50 per person


A hands-on practical course to build on basic knowledge and teach you the core skills of a professional barista. From pulling shots and dialling in your grinder to texturing milk for different drinks, you will learn:

  • How to use a grinder: Dialling in and control of grind and dose
  • Pulling the perfect shot: Learn to taste and adjust your grind 
  • Milk steaming and drinks pouring: Creating the right texture for different drinks
  • Cleaning and Equipment Care

The core skills course will also prepare you for the Barista Hustle Barista 1 course, which will take you on to a certified professional standard. 

Total 3 hours. Maximum 4 people. £95 per person.


Our Milk Skills course gives you the chance to really get to grips with how to make awesome  milk drinks. Whether it’s cow, oat or even  coconut we will give you the skills to get that milk super silky.

With all the tips, tricks and grips so you can texture mik, build drinks and understand the specialty coffee menu, from flat whites to cappuccinos and cortados.

Learn the theory behind how to create beautiful drinks and practice how to create the perfect heart.

  • Texturing Milk
  • Milk splitting and workflow
  • The Specialty Coffee Menu
  • Building drinks
  • Latte art

£120 per Person, Maximum 4 People, 3 Hours


Barista Hustle Coaching brings online learning into our dedicated training room. Practise everything you have learned and take the challenging Barista Hustle Baseline Test.

The Baseline tests for Barista One and Percolation are challenging practical tests that give you the chance to work efficiently to produce the highest quality brews.

You and your team will be supported through your coffee journey by our in house Barista Hustle Coach Kieron.

We have two courses available with more to come later in the year. Each course comes with an industry accredited qualification and certification. Both courses can be completed online with certificates available to download after completing an online test.

Barista One – Espresso, Milk and Work-Flow:

Barista One is a course that guides newcomers to a professional standard. It is an espresso focused course which teaches you everything you need to know to work effectively on a busy bar.

Percolation – Filter Coffee and Batch Brewing:

Percolation is a course that teaches you the secrets and the science behind the perfect brew. It is a filter coffee focused course that brings consistency and quality to every cup.


We offer you the opportunity to deepen your experience and hone your coffee making skills with access to the leading online coffee training platform Barista Hustle, bringing you the most up to date coffee education. 

From pulling shots to steaming milk, dialling in the grinder to nailing the perfect brew, Barista Hustle offers courses that guide you through each step of the journey. The programme consists of three essential components:

Theory: The program introduces you to the key concepts and principles of making coffee 

Practice: The coached day then builds on these principles to develop a thorough understanding.

Certification: When you and your coach feel you are ready, you can take the practical test and if you pass, you receive your Barista Hustle certificate in your chosen module. 

£250 per candidate. This includes:

  • Access to the world leading online coffee training platform, Barista Hustle.
  • Professional certification
  • Barista Hustle coaching day (4.5 hours) with testing and certification
  • All course materials. 


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