We really like coffee. We really, really do. For the whole team, this means we get a lot of satisfaction from helping people who want to serve really good coffee too!

James and Sean have been roasting for over twenty years combined and Kieron, our trainer, has trained staff in a wild variety of coffee shops and bars all over the UK.

Since we started in 2014 we have worked with many of Manchester’s top coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, helping to launch or upgrade their coffee offer. We listen to what you want and provide coffee, equipment and training that best meets your needs. 


The roastery is a place to come and hang out and deepen your coffee knowledge in our dedicated training room. We pair hands-on learning with the story of coffee from field to cup.

We provide you with industry accredited training and coaching with Barista Hustle, the world’s leading online coffee training platform. Each course comes with an industry accredited qualification and certification.

From pulling shots to steaming milk, grinder management and workflow, we will support you as you take the next step in your coffee journey.

For more information about our Barista Core Skills and Barista Hustle Training and Coaching Click Below


Heart & Graft look for coffee with bags of potential, searching for character, sweetness and body in every brew. Each coffee is specialty grade coffee and fully traceable which ensures the best flavour in the cup and a fair price to coffee producers.

For us, that starts with meticulously cupping coffees then selecting and roasting to offer you something that we are really excited by, that you can in turn be excited to offer your customers.

Whether you are after a house blend wanting a deep full bodied chocolate style espresso such as Barnraiser or 60/40 or perhaps a single origin as a guest filter or espresso, we have some very tasty options!

You’re more than welcome to come down to the roastery, try some brews and chat to us about your coffee needs.


La Marzocco

We’re passionate about providing you with the best coffee experience and that doesn’t just mean delivering delicious roasted coffee, but it also means providing you with the best coffee machines and equipment. We only recommend the very best equipment that will deliver outstanding results and showcases all the passion and commitment that has gone into the final cup; from farm to cafe. We’re very excited to be official partners of La Marzocco and we work closely with them to fully understand their machine range and precise engineering in order to match the perfect machine to your business.

 With a wealth of experience working with coffee machines, we have access to a wide network of La Marzocco approved engineers who can install, service and repair your machine, making us the perfect choice for all your La Marzocco needs. We believe that La Marzocco provides the technology needed to guarantee delicious cups of coffee every. single. time.

Compak Grinders 

Reliability, design, durability and ease of use form the pillars of Compak Coffee Grinders. Manufactured in Barcelona with the utmost care and attention, our Compak range will give you all the tools required to help you reach a new standard of quality

These machines, together with the right training can truly take your coffee offer to the next level.


Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA) is a small-scale coffee producer in La Paz, Honduras. Each year we buy coffee directly from their farmers, helping to support the COMSA International School supporting children aged 16-18 years old. COMSA are also massive in promoting biodiverse farming methods. 

We sponsor the COMSA Grow Ahead program which aims to plant 40,000 trees in agroforestry systems with coffee farmers in Honduras.


We are a member of the SCA, whose purpose is to foster global coffee communities and to support activities that make coffee a more sustainable, equitable and thriving activity for the whole value chain.


We are part of the World Coffee Research Check-Off Programme, giving pennies-to-pounds donations to help fund their research into truly sustainable and ethical coffee production.


City of Trees is planting and restoring woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester. Heart & Graft is donating 5p for every wholesale kilo and 10p per web order.


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