Sunny and happy, sweet and juicy all day drinking coffee.

Medium Roast

Brew Method: Sweet and balanced filter coffee / Bright juicy espresso

Our Loveshack coffees come from Central and South America and are sweet with soft berry or nutty characteristics. Mountainous terrain and a range of microclimates combine with rich volcanic soils allowing producers to grow coffee with a whole myriad of flavours. The sweet spot for these coffees is a medium roast that draws out sweetness and body, whilst preserving all those delicious fruity notes.


Complex and elegant coffees. The fruit is more citrus and floral, with a clean and clear acidity

Medium Roast

Brew Method: V60 or Aeropress for a clear and sweet brew / super balanced espresso with well defined acidity and sweetness.

Chateau 76 coffees are where flavours are on a next level. Many of these coffees come from East Africa, from the lands around the Great Rift valley:  The Montane Forest in South West Ethiopia,  the Abedares ranges around Mount Kenya, The Thousand Hills of Rwanda…coffees from producers in these areas carry the potential for thousands of flavour variations. They are still stunners! However as the drive for quality coffee increases, we’ve found Chateau style coffees from excellent producers as diverse as Colombia, Honduras and Myanmar!


Rich and heavy comfort coffee, dark tasting without being dark roasted.

Medium Dark Roast

Brew Method: Full bodied French Press or Moka Pot / Sweet and chocolatey espresso

Mystere et Prestige coffees give us a delicious big full body and a hefty satisfying sweetness. We have had Mystere et Prestiges from Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and South India. The last twenty years have seen an ever increasing focus on quality and traceability from producers in these areas. Shade grown coffee interplanted with spices in bio diverse forest resulting in coffees with bags of character and flavour nuances.


Wild and Fruity coffees, with aromas guaranteed to produce a ‘woah’!

Medium Roast

Brew Method: Clever Dripper or Aeropress to brew all that fruity sugary goodness / espresso can be tricky but deliciously rewarding.

Crazyhorse coffees are all natural process fruit monsters! The natural flavour potential of the coffees are enhanced by the fermentation of the whole cherry before the beans (although they are actually seeds) are milled. The coffee cherries are laid out whole to dry allowing sugars and enzymes to act on the beans imparting big fruit flavour. The balance of fruit and sweet makes them bonkers but approachable. We have Crazyhorses from various coffee regions around the world, to surprise and delight you!