James set up The Coffee Circle in 2012 and set about learning the complex craft of roasting in his garage, Sean was the youngest Q grader  (industry certified coffee taster) in the country, working for a large commercial coffee roasters.

Keen to build something special in Manchester, we started Heart and Graft in 2015 on a mission to make fantastic speciality coffee approachable and accessible. The wholesale business has grown a lot in the last 5 years, and we very proudly supply some of Manchester’s biggest and busiest bars and coffee shops.

Mike has brought new levels of “Guy at the Desk” skill set to us, relishing streamlining our packing and deliveries operation . Kieron joined us 2 years ago as our trainer, as we wanted to support all our wholesale customers with all the training they need to up their coffee game.

We all have the same outlook on speciality coffee. Our job is make sure it’s easy for people to feel invited into the experience of buying and brewing better coffee, and do this by sourcing and roasting fantastic coffees that have  real character and provenance.


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