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Cocoa, Bonfire Toffee, Brown Sugar

Named after the ratio of it’s constituent beans, this is a blend for those who want a big old cup of chocolatey goodness. Heavy bodied, sweet, chocolatey and uncomplicated. Kind of like team H&G.

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Brazil Mogiana(Pulped Natural)
India Melkodige Estate(Washed)

Tasting Notes

Cocoa, Bonfire Toffee, Brown Sugar

What’s the story?

As a roastery we originally had Barnraiser as our only house blend: Big chocolate and caramel flavours with a top note of brightness to add complexity. As we worked with various bars and restaurants to up their coffee game, the need for a heavier espresso became apparent. 

For an even more chocolatey and full bodied espresso, we upped the amount of Brazil Mogiana to 60% of the blend and the Indian Melkodige to 40% and pushed the roast a little further than Barnraiser. This gave us a medium dark roast, where the character of the coffee is still deliciously evident.  

The Brazil Mogiana offers it’s countries signature flavours. Expect notes of chocolate, caramelised nuts and big bonfire toffee sweetness. The pulped natural process allows some of the funkier flavours to shine through as some of the cherry is allowed to dry onto the bean giving a very soft fruited edge to the blend.

The Indian Melkodige Estate packs a punch and gives a huge body, adding big cocoa notes, as well as a great mouthfeel. The washed process of the coffee imparts a great balance to the blend, offering a cleaner and crisper finish

Originally Sean and James would informally call this version Barnraiser X or Heavy Ass Barnie… or 60/40. As in, “are so and so on Barnie or the 60/40?” So we’d know what to roast. The name stuck, roast profile locked in and a label created! Now an indispensable part of our range, big favourite of our customers a perfect for a big comfort espresso and cuts amazingly through milk.

Brewing Tips

ESPRESSO: Espresso based on a Sage barista pro which brews at 9 bars with up to 18grm basket. 

Dose: 18g
Yield:  36 g
Time: 28 secs

Filter: 6 Cup Moka Pot

Dose: 30g
Time: Approx 4:00