Colombia Banana Fermented Yellow Bourbon Natural


Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple

Sweet banana flavours with hints of watermelon and pineapple, expect a symphony of lush tropical fruitiness, beautifully balanced with remarkable sweetness. This coffee oozes with brown sugar, balancing out the boozy, fruity juiciness for an incredibly satisfying cup. A truly wild and fruity Crazyhorse from the Cofinet team at La Pradera.

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Where in the world?




Finca Maracay


1450 – 1650 MASL


Yellow Bourbon


Banana Fermented Natural


Banana Liquor, Watermelon, Pineapple

What’s the story?

This is another exceptional coffee from the team that are responsible for the other fermented coffees we’ve had, the cinnamon and strawberry. It’s out there,, but you’re in safe hands! 

Its a fantastically sweet coffee and as much as you can clearly taste the banana flavours, there is also a big slap of fresh watermelon and pineapple. The art of producing a coffee like this is skillfully managing the fermentation of the coffee so the flavours work together, so the banana element enhances rather than overwhelms. 

It has all the fruitiness you would expect, driven by all those lush tropical fruit flavours, and is beautifully balanced with fantastic sweetness and body. It works as an incredibly satisfying filter brew, but is extraordinary as an espresso, oozing with brown sugar to balance out all that boozy fruity juiciness. 

Luz Helena Salazar looks after her 8 hectare farm Maracay as part of one heck of family brains trust. Her husband Jairo was the head of Colombia’s second biggest dry mill for 40 years investing his life savings in several coffee farms. Her sons Carlos and Felipe started Cofinet, who are responsible for some of the most advanced coffee processing in the world, establishing their mill La Pradera as a base for all sorts of innovative practices. 

That brains trust is directly responsible for this wild and fruity coffee. Luz is meticulous in the picking of ripe cherry and the yellow bourbon varietal famously produces sweet and complex coffee. The plant is low yielding and susceptible to leaf rust, so really does require a lot of tlc, but is clearly worth the effort. 

Finca Maracay is located near Armenia in central Quindio, which is right in the heart of Colombia’s coffee belt. The steady climate and volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee 

Once the cherry is carefully harvested it is taken to La Pradera mill just a few miles down the road. In this particular case dried banana pieces are added during the fermentation process of coffee beans, allowing the beans to absorb the fruity notes. This infusion not only enhances the aroma but also provides a smooth, naturally sweet taste.

Brewing Recipe


Dose: 18.5g in
Yield: 45g out
Time: 30 seconds

A circular image of a clear Hario V60 with a filter paper inside of it. The V60 is sitting on a wooden table.


Dose: 22g
Brew Water: 359ml
Time: 3:00