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Brown Sugar, Heavy Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts

Sometimes life just calls for a big chocolatey coffee. This roast is all about getting that rich chocolate flavour into your cup, giving a delicious background of orange marmalade acidity and lots of fudgey sweetness.

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Brazil Mogiana (Pulped Natural)
Indian Melkodige Estate (Washed)
Honduras Serendipia (Washed)

Tasting Notes

Brown Sugar, Heavy Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts

What’s the story?

As a coffee roastery, your house blend is a hugely important beam in your barn. It’s the coffee that you keep consistent, that tastes the same year in year out, consistently delicious and reliable. We take three different coffees that complement each other, make sure we’re happy they will roast well together, then make sure we have enough of those coffees so they don’t run out over the year.

Now this sounds simple, but Barnraiser, our original choc n nut Snickers in a cup coffee came after lots of mistakes. Ten years ago James was new to roasting and was trying to create a blend that would of course be entirely revolutionary. One version was a 50/50 blend of an El Salvador and Sumatran coffee, which he thought was interesting. It was sent to an online coffee forums website, where it was entirely slated!

So he had a very simple idea. Take a traditional Italian style three coffee espresso recipe, and use exceptional coffees in the blend. This was also economical, because it meant all three coffees could be sold separately as killer coffees. With the aim of being Manchester’s coffee roastery, the blend had to have a real character, be consistent and approachable and of course be utterly delicious. 

With coffees chosen and many many trial batches on a little 3kg roaster, the Barnraiser recipe was perfected. After all the tweaking, endless tasting and resulting jitters. It was a lovely affirming  moment when it won Best Espresso in the 2012 Beverage Standards Association awards. As we’ve grown, the principle of three killer coffees that roast beautifully together continues and remains at the heart of the roastery. 

Our current recipe of brown sugary sweetness from the Brazil Mogiana, chocolate depth from the Indian Melkodige , and a top note of nuts and brightness from the Honduras Serendipia is tasting fabulous…the original choc n nut lovebomb espresso!

Brewing Recipe

FILTER: French Press

Dose: 35g
Yield: 500ml
Time: 4 minutes
Flavours we found: We tasted an incredibly clean cup with flavours of light caramel, nutmeg and clementine. 


Dose: 19g
Yield: 40ml out
Time: 30 seconds
Flavours we found: We tasted rich, warming and sugary. Aromas of roasted chesnuts combine with flabours of blood orange, cocoa powder, brown sugar and a hint of whiskey.