Clever Dripper


We really enjoy using the Clever Dripper as they offer a great mix between pour over and immersion brewing – the cone shaped chamber allows for an even pour and extraction but a small valve at the bottom of the cone (which opens when you pop the clever brewer on top of your mug) means you can control the amount of time the coffee is brewing for.

These two features means you can really control and experiment with your brew. 

Also included in the box is a saucer to place the brewer onto afterwards to keep your countertops clean.

Please note that the Clever Dripper doesn’t include filter papers – we recommend using Filtropa Size.4 – available here.

See how we brew with a Clever Dripper check out our brewing guide here.

If you’re new to using a Clever Dripper we recommend Loveshack to get you started.

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