The Aeropress is a relatively new way to brew coffee, invented in 2005 by Alan Alder who also invented the Aerobie Flying Disc!

The Aeropress uses a simple piston design to compress air at the top and extract your coffee evenly with no mess and easy clean up. 

Coffee from an Aeropress is super clean and uniform due to the even pressure applied and the paper filters which absorb some of the oils from the coffee.

The polypropylene housing is super robust (Note from Michael – I’ve dropped mine a few times) the parts fit together for travel so is also great for camping, on the train or avoiding hotel coffee…

The box includes: an Aeropress, 350 filters, a scoop and a stirrer (Please note we have a limited stock of the “original original Aeropress which also have a funnel – these are limited)

There are lots of ways to brew coffee in an Aeropress but if you’d like to see how we do it check out our guide here.


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