Myanmar Padah Lin


Fig Rolls, Cocoa, Dates

Big slab of cocoa and dates with a background of spice and fig rolls, this is an excellent crowd pleaser of a coffee from the resplendent tropical forest area of Shan State in Myanmar.

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Where in the world?




Smallholders from 16 villages in Ywangan


1250 MASL


Red Catuai




Fig Rolls, Cocoa, Dates

What’s the story?

We greatly admire the work done by Christian and Shirani at Indochina Coffee, they work hard to source fantastic coffee from tricky places, the Padah Lin is the first coffee they brought over and it has remained a favourite, cos its a belter!

It’s a big ‘ol slab of cocoa and dates, with a rich and heavy satisfying body and is simultaneously well defined and clean. There is no reason at all these days to sacrifice flavour for a big heavy cup with lots of sweetness, and this is one of those. We’ve said fig rolls as a nod to the deep sweetness and dark fruit element, and a hint of spice.

This coffee comes to you from the Mandalay Coffee Group (MCG), a dedicated team that brings together daily harvests from smallholder farmers, primarily from the Danu and some Pa-O hill tribes, nestled in the remote mountains of Ywangan, Southern Shan state, Myanmar.

Formed in 2014, MCG is proudly owned by Myanmar citizens who work closely with these small farmers, offering them support, processing their coffee, and helping bring it to market. This season, MCG collaborated with over 50 smallholder farmers, each cultivating about 0.25 to 3 acres of land. Their coffee plants are intercropped with a lush variety of produce, including avocados, jackfruit, papaya, macadamia nuts, and djenkol beans.

These diverse trees not only help prevent the spread of leaf rust but also provide much-needed shade for the coffee plants and the farmers’ homes. Most of these farmers don’t use fertiliser, yet those who can afford to use cattle manure see a noticeable improvement in the quality and yield of their coffee.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is nestled in the western part of mainland Southeast Asia. Since 1989, its official English name has been the Union of Myanmar, though in Burmese, it has been called Myanmar since the 13th century. Bordered by China to the north and northeast, Laos and Thailand to the east, and Bangladesh and India to the west, Myanmar boasts the largest tropical forest in mainland Southeast Asia, rich in biodiversity and home to rare species like the red panda and the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey. The country’s climate and terroir are ideal for coffee cultivation, especially in the Shan hills, which extend into the coffee-growing regions of Yunnan and Thailand.

Coffee cultivation in Myanmar dates back to the late 1800s, introduced by British colonists. After gaining independence in 1948, significant coffee production began much later, during the political reforms of 2011. These reforms encouraged agricultural growth as part of the government’s opium eradication program. The subsequent economic opening led to a focus on coffee as a commercial crop. Specialty coffee production started in 2015, supported by initiatives from the Winrock Foundation, USAID, and CQI. Myanmar exported its first specialty coffees to the USA in 2016 and to the UK in 2017, marking Indochina’s first shipment.

Like so many speciality coffees, This fantastic effort from the Mandalay Coffee Group is made up of several threads being drawn together and resulting in the growing, harvesting and processing of this fantastic coffee.

Brewing Recipe


Dose: 18.5g in
Yield: 43g out
Time: 31 seconds

FILTER: Clever Dripper

Dose: 20g
Brew Water: 300ml
Time: 3:00