COMSA Scores A Slam Dunk

We’ve posted below an update from Suita Manuela about the upgrades COMSA has funded at the COMSA International School – the Honduran coffee we sell that you buy and enjoy helps fund these projects.


Here are some before, in progress and completed photos of COMSA International School’s  NEW MULTIPURPOSE COURT, to which each of you contributed to make it happen.
When remembering all the little memories of different moments throughout this project, a rewarding feeling comes, which I wish to share with you and I hope you also get this beautiful rewarding feeling, since it is our work together connected by coffee that contributed to the improvement of this space that is now enjoyed by the children, the parents, students, and teachers at COMSA International School.

What sparked this project at Casa Spiral? July 2022

It was actually during one of my visits to the school when a child asked me “Why are there basketball rings but not concrete court? How can they play with a basketball on top of the little pebbles?”
At that time, I was drafting a project to fund the purchase of electronic devices for the library. However, when this was brought to my attention it also became a much notorious need. After all, the multipurpose court would still bring immense benefits to the development of the children and even to a broader audience. And more importantly, as I’m writing this email update to you and pulling specific details from the final report of the project, I just found out that a multipurpose court had already been a voiced suggestion from the students themselves at COMSA International School.
The children suggestions inevitably take me back to a book I started reading for Julia titled titled ‘Going Green’, in this book I read something along these lines: “…kids can change the world, you can start by speaking. When kids speak, grown-ups listen.” This first stage of the project has come together in part because of the children that decided to speak and it is a beautiful a proof of what I just what I just read last week ago with our little girl. To me this is such an inspiring experience that’s worth sharing.

From idea to action… July 2022

In a brief meeting with COMSA’s General Manager, I presented the proposal of using the available funds from 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 harvests ($2,900.00) towards the building of the multipurpose court and asked if there was a way to gather the rest of the funds. At the time we thought that maybe USD 5,000 would be enough to make this project happen.

The proposal was well received by FUNDACOMSA’s Board of Directors. They agreed to be the counter part of the project. Our contribution represented 12.8% of the total cost of the completed first stage of the project, which was used in 2022 to purchase the first construction materials. Pulling funds from FUNDACOMSA, COMSA International School and Casa Spiral (thanks to all your business with us and helping with getting samples spread). The first stage of the project was completed by November of 2023, and the final total cost was USD$22,512.50.

What’s next?

Stage 2 – Side Walls
Stage 3 -High Roof strong heat for safety
Stage 4 Seats around

Stage 2 – Side Walls:
After the multipurpose court was completed, the irregularity of the terrain, left some sides of the court above ground level which represents a safety hazard for its users. There is a need to build walls on these two sides to prevent any possible accidents. The estimated budget for these two side walls is USD $3,710.00, Casa Spiral dedicated $1,500 from Harvest 2022/2023 towards stage 2.