Serendipia, Oscar Omar Alonso from Finca Cual Bicilceta, Miriam Perez from Clave de Sol. There is a connection between then all, in that they are all part of the same CO-OP from La Paz in Honduras, COMSA: Cafe Organico Marcala. (Marcala being the town where the Coop HQ is based)

If you’ve been with us on our journey the last few years, you’ll be very familiar with the story of Heart & Graft and COMSA, in that they form a massive part of a our DNA as a roastery.

From when we first met Suita Manuela Diaz Nolasco, and then her parents, auntie and then Uncle Rodolfo and Auntie Miriam, we are constantly inspired by the visionary and effective work COMSA do.

The COOP is made up of over 1500 farmers, either using organic methods or transitioning to. The range of flavours from the different producers always blows our mind. We taste at least 30 coffees each year from them, and they have such a brilliant variety of flavours, a real testament to the individual producers.

The Organic agriculture diploma they teach has been utilised all over Central America, making COMSA one of the worlds leading organic coffee coops.

They focus on simple but highly effective practices, such as a soil fertility programme in which soil samples from each farm are analysed in their lab, and farmers are then advised which organic fertilizers, minerals and nutrients their soil requires.

I never thought I’d find soil so fascinating! But the results of the transformation of the land when soil is made healthy after years of using chemical fertilizers is abundantly evident in the sheer quality and volume COMSA’s farmers produce.

We even had a presentation of their fundamental concepts in our old roastery building, in the Greengate area just next to Mancheter city centre

They produce an enormous amount of consistently delicious coffee, organically grown. Talk about a triple threat!

As well as the organic teaching school, COMSA have been on a constant mission to reintroduce trees in and around coffee farms, driving agro-forestry as one of the most effective ways of combatting climate change and improving coffee growing. We have recently signed up for their crowd-funder on Grow Ahead to contribute 100 trees a month to the programme, its such a simple way of contributing to their work, if you’d like to learn more and even contribute, then you can do so HERE

Being able to provide you excellent coffee from such a brilliant organic coop is a massive privilege. You can brew and enjoy their coffee, knowing you are supporting their work, making those delicious coffees taste even sweeter!