Bags of Potential

Why BAGS OF POTENTIAL? Because what you do to a coffee has as much influence as the farmer or us as roasters! It’s an amazing Coffee Circle we’re all part of together. We want to help you find your way to brewing beautiful coffee by roasting it to give you the maximum POTENTIAL FLAVOUR. We’re looking for ways of connecting with more people about how to best brew the beans we do!

With a group of 20 who had never cupped before, we went deep into flavour using various sense stimulants to get the olfactory nerves tuned in and then it was all hands on slurping spoons as we compared three different coffees. We encouraged note taking by awarding a prize for the best set of notes and we had exceptional taste impression note writers! Excellent feedback for our coffees too. it’s so good to have people who are cupping coffee for the first time, and the sense journey people went on from fragrance (dry ground smell) to aroma (smell once brewed) and then taste was fascinating.

Whereas as opinion across three different coffees on fragrance was fairly even, by the time we’d slurped, the most popular by far was the funky fruity Miriam Perez natural process. BEST NOTES prize went to someone who’s vivid notes included Baklawa -which is a fantastic descriptor we are clearly stealing- and whose impression of the Miriam Perez was ‘Coffee in the peaks…a picnic in the country surrounded by new mown haystacks’ and ‘Pirate ship, sea salt, rum and toasted caramel’.

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