India Melkodige

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Cocoa, Caramel, Spiced Plums

Delighted to have this favourite back, big cocoa body and sweetness with a lush spiced plum note, very easy to make delicious espresso with. If you like a Tunnocks Caramel wafer, then this is the coffee for you!

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Cocoa, Caramel, Spiced Plums

What’s the story?

This is a big full bodied coffee from a stunning estate in the South of India.with heaps of sweetness. It’s the Indian coffee that 4 years ago made us stop and stare at the cupping table, slightly bewildered by the clarity and sweetness of the coffee. Big body, loaded with cocoa richness and a beautiful dark stone fruit flavour, which seems to settle on plum. Well IT’S BACK! In a very satisfying way, the sweetness and flavour are there again, with an extra depth of spiced fruit.

Its very easy to brew however you choose, with notes of rich cocoa and baked plums giving a satisfying morning espresso or a long lazy french press. What we really enjoy about this coffee is its clarity, how clean it is at the same time as having all that body and sweetness. Its a very easy coffee to impress guests or a significant other with.  

We draw out the roast a little bit lower and slower, to allow all those sugars to develop and brown beautifully. As ever, the real work is done by the farmers, our job is not to spoil it! 

The estate has been family run since the 1940’s, with Aveen Rodrigues now at the helm.

“We take immense pride in the quality of our coffee. Knowing what goes into every cup of Melkodige coffee gives consumers a chance to understand the love, passion and hard work that we put into its production. And their positive feedback is what encourages us to constantly deliver an outstanding coffee experience.” 

– Aveen Rodrigues, Melkodige Estate

Melkodige is western facing, hot during the day with plummeting night temperatures due to moisture laden clouds from the sea. This sort of micro climate is perfect for developing coffee cherries with a high sugar content and the dense forest provides rich nutrients packing those cherries with flavour.  

The estate is very close to Kudremukh, one of twenty two UNESCO biodiversity hotspots. These conditions, combined with a family of agronomists driving quality and sustainability gives us a coffee with a beautiful combination of full body and sweetness, with an exceptionally clean cup. 

There is some fantastic work happening in Indian speciality coffee at the moment and we’re excited to have this Melkodige Estate back, as its the coffee that first turned our heads to the exceptional quality of coffee being produced in this great and beautiful country.

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