Indonesia Bersama Mandiri Sejahtera

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Cranberry, Herbal, Crunchie Bar

Indonesia is a fascinating producing region for coffee. It is a massive country made up of thousands of islands. The range of terroir is incredibly diverse, which shows in the coffee grown



Where in the world?


Aceh, Sumatra


Bersama Mandiri Sejahtera


1400-1500 MASL




Giling Basah (A Indonesisn Wet Hulling Process)


Cranberry, Herbal, Crunchie Bar

What’s the story?

This coffee comes from Sumatra, specifically Gayo mountain in Aceh province. This region is found in the very North of the island and is massively dependent on coffee growing and processing as the main economic activity. Estimates stand at around 80-90% of working people in the region rely on the coffee industry as their main source of income.

We love coffee from this neck of the woods for their massive depth and body. Big bold espresso and rich filter coffees are some of our favourites to drink and that’s exactly what you get. The local way of processing coffee here, Giling Basah, is a totally unique method that gives a unique flavour profile to these coffees. Coffee cherries are picked when ripe, fermented for up to a few days in big piles and then hulled “wet”. This process gives a soft acidity and huge body to the coffees, with a lot of funky fermentation flavours too.

The Bersama Mandiri Sejahtera lot is a perfect example of a Aceh coffee. Rich notes of cranberry are layered with a wonderful crunchie bar sweetness. This is backed up with fantastic herbal notes reminiscent of rosemary/thyme. This level of complexity is highlighted further by a deep heavy bodied mouthfeel, with lots of viscosity and syrupy notes.

Brewing Recipe

FILTER: Coming Soon

Dose: –
Yield: –
Time: –


Dose: 18g in
Yield: 36ml out
Time: 28 seconds