Honduras Miriam Perez Pacamara Natural

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Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, Candied Lemon

For the first time Miriam has provided us with a single variety of coffee. A sweet and juicy pacamara full of soft mango acidity and fantastic body. It’s an easy drinking beauty with that distinctive funky fruity natural process character we always expect from Miriam’s coffees.


Where in the world?


Maracala, Honduras


Clave De Sol


1300-1560 MASL






Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, Candied Lemon

What’s the story?

Miriam Perez and her niece, our good friend Suita Manuela are part of our coffee family. We have had Miriam’s natural process for the last five years, and it remains part of our core range. We really enjoy the fact that she has experimented with other processing techniques for the last few years, and this iteration of her honey process truly sees some delicious flavours. Honey refers to the sweet sticky layer left on the coffee cherries after they have been pulped and it creates some beautiful warming orange flavours.

We have been working with Miriam Perez for seven years now, the distinctive funky fruit flavours we find in her coffees have become part of our DNA here at H&G. This pacamara is a rare opportunity to try a coffee made from one varietal, usually at her farm – Clave de Sol, Miriam grows at least 11 different varieties intermingled. 

Miriam has provided us with a super small lot of two sacks of a single varietal, which feels really special and part of our connection to her as part of our coffee family. 

The flavours as ever are beautiful, soft mango acidity with a sweet candied lemon note on a satisfying body that makes this a real easy drinker. It’s excellent as both filter and espresso, with that balance of fruitiness and sweetness making for a very satisfying brew. The flavours roll over your tongue in layers, first with a delicious pink grapefruit and sweet lemon note, with a long finish of mango and vanilla. 

Those fruit flavours are representative of the biodiversity on her farm, which is full of citrus trees that contribute to the makeup of the wild yeasts and bacteria in the air that form an essential part of this coffee’s flavour, as the coffee is both grown and processed on the farm. 

Miriam is one of the founders of the awesome COMSA coop in Marcala, Honduras. They have been teaching and demonstrating organic farming techniques for twenty years and now have over 1500 farmers farming organically or making the transition. All the organic fertiliser is produced by COMSA recycling waste produced in processing coffee and using natural microorganisms from the local area. It’s a beautiful thing!

Miriam has visited us here in Manchester and shared her knowledge and experience with us and we were very moved when we visited her farm, an experience that still lingers in our hearts four years later. Not only an awesome coffee farmer, but part of our coffee family,  one you are part of when you brew it.

Brewing Recipe


Dose: 18g in
Yield: 34g out
Time: 25 seconds

FILTER: Clever Dripper

Dose: 18g
Brew Water: 324ml
Time: 3:00