Guatemala Francisco Morales

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Dark Chocolate, Dates, Tinned Pears

Delicious chocolate body and a sticky date sweetness make this coffee an all day drinking joy however you want to brew it. There is a very soft malic acidity of pears on this roast which balances the brew deliciously. It’s perfect for a single origin espresso and makes for dangerously addictive flat whites.


Where in the world?




La Esperanza


1700 MASL


Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon & Paches


Wet Milling and sundried on patios


Dark Chocolate, Dates, Tinned Pears


We never take for granted the skill and dedication of farmers like Francisco, who have dedicated their lives to learning and developing their farms to produce ripe and sweet coffee cherries, selecting the best varieties for their own unique growing conditions. Growing under the shade of Chalum and Grevillea trees, the cherries are allowed to ripen slowly as well as drawing up nutrients from the soil. These factors make for a brilliant washed coffee, with all the flavour and sweetness being locked up in the cherry seeds that are hulled and fermented for around 24 hours before the remaining mucilage is washed off.

This year Francisco dried the parchment coffee under shade nets, to improve the gradual process of drying of the coffee and with the aim to enhance flavour. The result is a resounding OH YEAH from Team H&G

Francisco Morales and his wife have been the proud owners of La Esperanza farm in Cipresales for over 40 years. And they have achieved a great deal. Like many other producers, the initial years of starting their farm were very challenging ones. La Esperanza translates as “The Hope”, and defines how important coffee production is for them.
Thanks to the hard work, dedication and commitment of the family, the farm has grown into a business that provides income for the household and generates a source of employment for many others in the surrounding area.
Francisco is the type of person that never feels done learning new things. His eagerness to hear experiences from others, and try out new things at the farm, wet mill or drying area, makes him a delight to work with, as Primavera, the exporters and importers of this coffee have found . His curiosity and interest for improving coffee quality resulted in winning several prizes at the Huehuetenango Highland competitions.

Brewing Recipe


Dose: 17
Yield: 42g
Time: 29s


Dose: 18g
Yield: 300ml
Time: 3:40