Guatemala Blue Ayarza Washed

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Green Apple, Honey, Nectarine

Crisp notes of green apple and a lusciously juicy mouthfeel are backed up by a nectarine acidity. Honeyed sweetness and a medium body round this coffee off beautifully. A top example of a washed Guatemalan coffee.



Where in the world?


Ayarza – Santa Rosa


Various Smallholders


1400-2000 MASL


 Catuai, Anacafe 14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon




Green Apple, Honey, Nectarine

What’s the story?

We have two coffees from the same mill in Santa Rosa, in the south of the country near the border with El Salvador. It’s a mill run by Olam Guatemala, the local arm of Olam, a trusted importer we respect a lot, mostly because we know some good people who work for them.

We have bought both the natural and washed coffees, as it’s really interesting to have coffees from the same mill processed in different ways to see how this affects the flavour. It’s exactly the sort of thing that can bring into relief the work that is done at origin by dedicated producers and make sense of an element of coffee production that can seem impenetrable until you understand it, and with anything in specialty coffee, you start to understand it by tasting it. This is the washed version and it’s a really delicious example of washed Guatemalan coffee.

Francisco Nájera is one of many local producers who works with the Blue Ayarza cherry mill. He is 30 years old, married with two children and has already been working in the coffee
production business for around 15 years. Cultivating various small plots covering just under 1ha in total, Francisco is a small producer but a great entrepreneur, and has excelled in the coffee production business despite the adversity and constant threat of various coffee diseases. He also dedicates part of his time to developing coffee tree nursery services to sell saplings to other farmers in the region.
Farmers like Francisco are essential to the continuity of specialty coffee. The courage to face the challenges of growing coffee as the climate changes, finding innovative solutions and trying new types of coffees on his small plot is exactly the sort of entrepreneurial energy that will keep those beautiful flavours we love so much coming from Guatemala. This determination along with the infrastructure support at the Olam mill keeps the hunt for unique flavours from Santa Rosa very much alive

Its magical bean juice from the shores of a lake formed in a crater made by the collapsing of two giant volcanoes, the bottom of which has never been found. There is a large white rock which legend tells is the petrified form of a woman who didn’t listen to the words of Jesus, which seems a little harsh, but is one of the many stories from this mysterious lake.

Its flavour and legends and beautiful places and inspiring people doing hard work and being brilliant and it’s all the things we love about specialty coffee!

Brewing Recipe

FILTER: V60 for Two

Dose: 30g
Yield: 500g
Time: 3:30


Dose: 18g in
Yield: 36ml out
Time: 31 seconds

Flavours of: Amaretti, Milk Chocolate, Red Apple, Hazelnut