Guatemala Blue Ayarza Natural

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Orange Rind, Violet, Strawberry Sauce

An absolute banger of a Guatemalan Natural. Big orange rind notes hit you immediately. A sugary violet blossom florality plays across the palate, with strawberry sauce on the finish.




Where in the world?


Ayarza – Santa Rosa


Various Smallholders


1400-2000 MASL


 Catuai, Anacafe 14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon




Orange Rind, Violet, Strawberry Sauce

What’s the story?

We have two coffees from the same mill in Santa Rosa, in the south of Guatemala near the border with El Salvador. It’s a mill run by Olam Guatemala, the local arm of Olam, a trusted importer we respect a lot, mostly because we know some good people who work for them.

We have bought both the natural and washed coffees, as it’s really interesting to have coffees from the same mill processed in different ways to see how this affects the flavour. It’s exactly the sort of thing that can bring into relief the work that is done at origin by dedicated producers and make sense of an element of coffee production that can seem impenetrable until you understand it, and with anything in specialty coffee, you start to understand it by tasting it.

The coffee cherries used for the Blue Ayarza natural processing come from high altitudes and are picked with meticulous care, with local small batch deliveries from trusted partners who provide consistent high quality ripe cherry.

While there is an abundance of quality cherry in the region and a few areas that reach 2,000 metres altitude, the terrain is not ideal for processing naturals. Ayarza is remote and rough with almost no flat land available. For this reason coffee cherries are taken for natural processing to the neighbouring region of Amatitilan

Here are some notes from Blue Ayarza mill about their process:

“This region was famous for coffee production many years ago but the climate has changed and the conditions here are now ideal for the processing of Naturals. The sun is hot, but the breeze keeps the temperature under control. We start with the cherry in a depth of 4-6 inches and turn it often during the day. Over the first few days the coffee turns from red or yellow to a deep purple then black. The drying is finished in a mechanical drier for a few hours. This avoids a common challenge in sun dried naturals where the coffee re absorbs humidity in the morning then dries during the day and repeats until there are a few days of strong sun. We also find that the acidity is improved when finished in a drier (and it reduces the risk of the coffee getting caught in an untimely rain shower!)”

It’s magical bean juice from the shores of a lake formed in a crater made by the collapsing of two giant volcanoes, the bottom of which has never been found. There is a large white rock which legend tells is the petrified form of a woman who didn’t listen to the words of Jesus, which seems a little harsh, but is one of the many stories from this mysterious lake.

Its flavour and legends and beautiful places and inspiring people doing hard work and being brilliant and it’s all the things we love about specialty coffee!

Brewing Recipe

FILTER: V60 for Two

Dose: 30g
Yield: 500g
Time: 3:30


Dose: 18g in
Yield: 45ml out
Time: 29 seconds

Flavours of: Seville Orange, Milk Chocolate, Sherbet Bon-Bon, Orange Oil