Colombia Wilton Benitez Double Anaerobic


Turkish Delight, Black Grape, Peach

From one of the world’s most highly regarded coffee producers, this is an extraordinarily complex coffee, fruity and floral with immense sweetness. Think turkish delight covered in chocolate, taking your espresso up to a whole new level

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Where in the world?




Granja El Paraíso-92


1950 MASL




Double Anaerobic


Turkish Delight, Black Grape, Peach

What’s the story?

Intensely fragrant and sweet, this is as much and artform as it is a coffee. Layer upon layer of sweet and intricate fruit acidity, there is a heady fragrance and flavour of rose turkish delight balanced by a sugary body and juicy black grape flavours. There is then a long lingering finish of refreshing fresh peach. It makes the sort of espresso where you just stare into your cup wondering how a coffee can taste like that. Well…

Tiny farm, big brain and big flavours! Wilton Benitez has become a bit of a rockstar in speciality coffee circles, with his focus on post harvest fermentation of coffee cherries creating some spectacular flavours. Granja El Paraiso is a tiny family owned farm of 5 hecates, located near Piendamo in the region of Cauca in Southwestern Colombia.It  is rich in bio diversity and where coffee dreams come true. 

The farm produces a diverse range of varieties, including Java, Pink Bourbon, Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Tabi, Castillo, Supremo, and Colombia, utilising innovative cultivation techniques such as terraces, drip irrigation, and precise nutrition calculations. Finca Paraiso-92 features its own microbiology laboratory, quality lab, and a state-of-the-art processing plant. 

The coffee production process begins with the meticulous selection and sterilisation of each cherry. This is crucial because to control the flavour profile, the cherries must be free of microorganisms that would begin to interfere with flavour development. 

The journey continues with a two-phase fermentation process: an initial controlled anaerobic fermentation with specific microorganisms that Wilton has chosen to drive certain flavours, followed by pulping and a second fermentation phase. Finally, the beans undergo a unique hot and cold water sealing process to enhance their extraordinary flavours. 

I love the fact he is sharing this information with farmers from neighbouring farms, encouraging fellow producers to taste and asses their own coffees to see how they can improve and then see an increased return for their coffee. Coffee and community always seem to go hand in hand, it kinda makes the coffee taste even better! 

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