Honduras Finca Cual Bicicleta

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Peach, Honeysuckle, Lemon Sherbet

This coffee is extraordinary. Its so sweet and complex, its floral, sweet like peaches and it finishes with a clear lemon drizzle acidity. Its dangerously easy to drink and shines as a filter or espresso! It was a tricky one to find the right roast for, it was more like roasting a washed Ethioipian Yirgacheffe than a Honduran coffee. Persistence has paid off though, its a stunner.



Where in the world?


Chinacla, Honduras


Finca Cual Bicicleta, Oscar Omar Alonso


1560 MASL






Peach, Honeysuckle, Lemon Sherbert

What’s the story?

In 2003 after approaching COMSA, Oscar learned about the benefits of organic farming and decided to change his farm into organic production. However this saw his coffee crop shrink from 80 tonnes to 8!! It was a horrendous time economically and put Oscar into a very dark place emotionally, something he talks about openly.

During this time, Oscar had a revelation that the transition was like a bike.

“When you ride a bicycle, you are not polluting, you must keep balance, this ride is designed to move forward and never back, and all the pieces of the chain, the bicycle must work together perfectly so you can keep moving”

The ground on his farm was so dependent on the artificial fertilisers, switching to organic meant the soil needed time to heal.

Working alongside COMSA, after a few years of lots of organic treatment the farm is producing 120 tonnes of coffee! The coffees are stunning and Oscar with his son Melvin produce a variety of washed, honey and natural process coffees

He is a huge character and a testament to the vision of COMSA, supporting farmers transition from commercial to organic farming, and educating others.

Oscar has invested in the farm creating areas where the coffee is shade-dried in raised beds, allowing a better quality in his coffee production.

Brewing Recipe

ESPRESSO: Espresso based on a Sage barista pro which brews at 9 bars with up to 18grm basket. 

Dose: 19.5 grms
Yield:  42 grms
Time: 28 secs

Flavours we found: Vanilla, cream soda, sugary lemon. Initially bright but then immediately balances with a sugary body and a long peach and chocolate finish. When drunk through milk, it tastes like lemon meringue pie!

FILTER: For this coffee, we’ve brewed on an Aeropress

Dose: 14 grms
Brew Water: 200 grms 98 degrees
Time: 1.30 secs

Flavours we found: So so clean. jasmine tea like, peach, sweet and sugary and complex.